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Lamb & Goat

Lamb & Goat

Delicious natural pasture raised and finished lamb and goat from Wyoming Farm (Crooked Corner). No grain feeding, antibiotics or growth hormones.

The lamb in stock is sourced from a flock of robust and plain bodied fine wool merino sheep. They have been selectively bred to not require mulesing. We've switched across to sourcing our meat from non-shedding sheep as we've determined that getting food and fibre from the animals run on the landscape is a more sustainable use of the resources on the land.

The goat is from a flock of cashmere goats - bred with an influence of wild goat to achieve hybrid vigour and improve the mothering capabilites of the ewes.

All the animals graze on sustainable native perennial pastures, are managed using low stress stockmanship, and shorn on farm by John.

Apologies: Due to the drought in the surrounding catchment area that we source our lamb and goat from, we are unable to source suitable produce that meet both the sustainability criteria and quality that we have set. Hopefully it will rain soon and we will be able to source more produce.


Weight: approx. 300-500g @ $10.00/kg

Mutton ribs are fantastic in the slow cooker, or just marinade them in garlic, oil and rosemary, and then cook them on the BBQ.


Weight: approx. 550-750g @ $15.00/kg

A pack of 2 shanks. For those that lie awake dreaming of that a slow cooked goat shank, on a bed of creamy mash and some greens, with a rich sauce. Just heavenly.


Weight: approx. 250g @ $10.00/kg

Lamb kidney - 4-6 per pack - cryovac packed


Weight: approx. 115g @ $10.00/kg

Lamb kidney - 2 per pack - cryovac packed

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