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Bones & Offal

Bones & Offal

Bones and organ meats provide a fantastic source of vitamins A, D, E & K, along with the fatty acid CLA, all of which are all vital for human health. The key to getting the benefits from these are to source them from farmers who are farming without any artificial fertilizers and chemicals in order to ensure that the offal is healthy for you. The organs act as accumulation points for many things - both the good vitamins, as well as any chemicals that are in the animals' food source. All our products come from farmers who are farming without the addition of artificial fertilisers, and as a result do not carry the concentration of heavy metals (bad!) that many of the conventionally farmed organ meats do.


Weight: approx. 600g @ $8.00/kg

2 Trotters per pack - great to go into your stocks for additional gelatin or slow cooked (they just fall apart!).

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