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A great customer knows that their purchasing decisions are the most powerful tool they have to get what they want - and what they want is healthy food for themselves, their family and friends. They also know that they want those healthy foods to be produced from healthy, happy animals, healthy soils and resilient landscapes and they want their purchasing decisions to help to reverse the degradation of Australia's landscapes and help to protect us from the worst impacts of threats like Climate Change.

A great customer recognises that that nature doesn't always work to schedule, and that forcing it to fit our needs can have perverse outcomes and result in environmental and social negatives. They also know that when we change behaviours and market systems, we have to tolerate a bit of inconvenience until the systems adjust and the rest of society catches up and 'gets it'. Great customers are patient, flexible, intelligent and nice people.

My Farm Shop will try to make the experience of being a great customer as convenient, efficient and pleasant as possible while making sure we meet your needs for healthy foods produced from healthy, happy animals, healthy soils and resilient landscapes.

  • A bum steer about Methane!

    Is the fuss about methane from ruminants justified, or are we being diverted from the real culprits of climate change? We think it is all about the cycles.
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  • Eat Meat...
    Save the Planet!

    Just because you eat meat doesn't mean you are destroying the planet.
    In fact, eating the right meat can help to reverse the impacts of climate change.
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  • Eating is an agricultural act!

    What we choose to eat literally determines the fate of our planet: how the ecology functions, how animals are treated, the social welfare of the producer, the quality of the food you eat, and its effect on your health.
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  • For Higher Omega 3, let them eat grass.

    Pasture-fed pork and chicken has higher Omega 3 levels than factory intensive pork and chicken. Healthier for the animals, healthier for you.
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  • Partnering with our producers

    Creating a food chain that provides sufficient livelihood for the next generation of farmers is critical. My Farm Shop actively works towards this goal.
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  • What is Sustainable Agriculture Anyway?

    Sustainability and sustainable agriculture – the use of these s-words can be like dropping the f-bomb at the school play. But we're prepared to 'open the batting' on these topics to give you and chance to explore them from the safety and privacy of your computer.
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