This is the place on the website where you get to trawl through all the lovely produce that we've got, place them into your virtual shopping carts, and then place an order with us so that we can turn your virtual shopping cart into a world of joy in a box for you.

Regarding Delivery Mechanisms.....

Our intention is to be able to organise a schedule of deliveries to defined sites at known times - which will mean that you can select where you want to pick your produce up from (as part of placing your order). This will happen starting in 2013 when we've got an idea of the customer demand in various locations.

In the mean time (while we are getting this gig up and running and ironing out all the teething challenges) we are going to home deliver your order. We will be in touch with you to determine an agreed date and time for delivery.

NOTE: We are only servicing the Canberra region at this time. We would love to expand our business to cover other regions and cities - and that will all happen in the fullness of time. If you live elsewhere and would like to order from us in the future, then please register your interest via our mailing list.