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Ham & Bacon

Ham & Bacon

Our ham and bacon is made from the wonderful free range, rare breed pigs. The animals are bred and raised free range, and are managed in a way that the animals have a happy life outside. No Wally's Piggery experiences here! 

These products are seasonal, as it takes some time to generate the stock to be able to have it cured and smoked. That means that it can take a little longer to source some of these products.

CHRISTMAS HAMS all sold out. Please accept our apologies if you missed out this year. 

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Weights: approx 3.0-4.0kg for a third, 5.0-7.0 for half @ $27.00/kg.

Our bone-in leg hams - perfect for baking with a rich glaze for a special occasion. Cryovac packed & fresh (not frozen) - for delivery in the week prior to Christmas. Pre-order your ham today as numbers are limited.


Weight: approx 300-400g @ $24.00/kg. 

Our bacon is cured with a minimum of nitrates and preservatives, and comes cryovac packed in 8 rasher portions at approx 300-400g per pack.


Weight: approx 250-350g @ $28.00/kg. SORRY - SOLD OUT - MORE AVAILABLE IN THE NEW YEAR.

Nitrate Free Maple Cured full bacon rasher (Pork, Salt, Mineral salts (450,451,452), Antioxidant 301, Maple Syrup). Cryovac packed in 6 rasher portions at approx 250-350g per pack.


Weight: approx. 300-400g @ $22.50/kg.

Our speck is cured with a minimum of nitrates and preservatives, and comes packed in a approx. 300-400g portions.


Weight: approx. 900g @ $15.00/kg

A great base for soups and other flavour packed slow cooking (they just fall apart!).