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Beef Grill/Roast/Stirfry Pack

Product Code: BGRILL
Availability: 4 - 6 weeks
Approx. Price: $120.00

Available Options

* T-bone or Sirloin:


Weight: approx. 4.5-5.0kg @ $27.00/kg

Fire up the BBQ, get out the wok, or get the oven hot. This pack contains a range of steaks and a topside roast - perfect it you like that juicy steak, a spicy stir-fry, or a Sunday roast.
Pack Contents: 2 x Scotch fillet steaks, 4 x Sirloin/Porterhouse steaks, ~500g Rump steak, a Topside roast, 1 pack of Schnitzel/BBQ steak and 500g mince.
OR : 2 x Scotch fillet steaks, 2 x T-bone steaks, 2 x ~500g Rump steak, a Topside roast and 500g mince.

All cuts are packaged and labelled by cut, weight and 'best before' date.