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Getting the great produce to you

At My Farm Shop we are always looking for ways to make the delivery process as efficient and cost effective as possible - so that we can minimise the costs to you, and also reduce the precious resources consumed in the processes. One of the ways we simplify things is to supply the produce frozen. This helps us simplify the supply process and keep prices as low as possible. We know that most of you are already used to working with frozen meat - but for those that aren't, we've supplied a few tips and tricks here.

Group Delivery Details

View Home Delivery Details

Our group delivery process is a system whereby we deliver a group of orders to a single place at a nominated time. Group delivery locations can be anywhere - a workplace, a social group meeting site - as long as there are enough people going to be there at a given time to take delivery of the produce. Delivery time will be adjusted to suit the location - we will nominate a delivery window and will be there for that whole time for you to come and collect your produce from our delivery van. The produce is packaged in insulated bags* (the same as our home delivery process) which means you've got plenty of time to take it home and put it in your freezer.

When placing your order you can nominate to pick up the produce at a group delivery point rather than having it delivered to home. We provide a 5% discount for orders over $50 delivered via a group delivery (and there's no delivery charge), so you can save money AND get access to ethically and sustainably produced meat.

Click here to register for group delivery - remember to enter your Delivery Group Code as part of that process.

Group Delivery Sites

Brindabella Business Park
20 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra International Airport
Delivery point: walkway between buildings 16 and 20
(see green pointer on map).
Next delivery: To Be Advised.
Delivery Group Code: BRINDABELLA20

NOTE: You will need your "delivery group code" during registration so that you can nominate the location as a delivery point. 

NOTE: We are only servicing the Canberra region at this time. We would love to expand our business to cover other regions and cities - and that will all happen in the fullness of time. If you live elsewhere and would like to order from us in the future, then please register your interest via our mailing list.

(* our intention is to minimise the amount of packaging we use, which includes the insulated bags. Whilst insulated bags are handy things to keep about the house, we don't want to be contributing to an unnecessary waste of resources, and so we do need them returned. Simply bring them with you during your next delivery).

If you have any problems with the registration process, or would like to have My Farm Shop deliver to your location, then please get in touch with Danny on 0418 561 528 or via our contact us page.